I have been practicing with Amy for almost 9 years now. Her classes are the right combination of challenging and relaxing. Amy is beautiful, graceful, calm, and consistent. Since Amy uses other methods of fitness in her daily regime, I also feel that she brings different and unique strength building exercises to her classes.
— Rachel Oettinger, Yoga Student

Amy has the gift of knowing when to speak and when to let the yoga talk. There’s no fluff or filler words. It’s so refreshing!
— Christie Gascoigne, Yoga Teacher

Amy’s classes are challenging with options for variations, leaving me feeling strong and supported every time. Amy is confident, knowledgable and committed to bringing new ideas and poses into the flow she teaches. I feel like I learn something new, either about the practice or myself when I’m in Amy’s class.
— Lisa Davis, Yoga Teacher

Amy is an incredible teacher - not just in yoga, but in life. She is direct yet discerning, strong yet at ease, and confident yet humble. Amy embodies the true meaning of yoga which literally means union or to make whole, creating balance in the body, mind and soul.
— Melissa Pilat, Yoga Student

I’ve had the pleasure of practicing with Amy for 8 years. You have to go to multiple teachers and multiple classes to really understand that most Yoga teachers TEACH yoga, while Amy just “IS” yoga.
— Danny Glick, Yoga Student

She gives space yet still finds a way to guide you towards your infinite potential. Amy has a talent for delivering great physical pointers. She is masterful at breaking something down and treating you to that physical “aha moment” in your body.
— Halley Firstenberg, Yoga Teacher

I’ve been practicing with Amy for 5 years. Amy is very even... in the best possible way. The tempo of her class, cadence of her voice and flow through the postures is unique to her style. I feel completely at ease in Amy’s class. There is no drama, no pressure, and no judgment. I can focus entirely on my practice and breath. Everything that I walked into class worrying about is completely behind me when I walk out.
— Kathy Faragalli, Yoga student

When I’m in Amy’s classes I feel seen. I feel supported. I feel like I am in good hands.
— Lissa Farkas, Yoga teacher