The DVDs


FLOW YOGA: Energize & Renew

This DVD contains 3 x 20 minute fluid Vinyasa yoga practices specifically designed for the beginner, intermediate and more experienced practitioner. Practice 1 is for the novice, someone who may need a gentler practice or someone who wants to warm up before Practice 2 & 3. Practice 2 is for the intermediate student looking to build strength and become more flexible. Practice 3 is for the experienced practitioner who desires to build heat in the body and move through a flowing routine! This DVD is perfect for all levels.

DETOX YOGA: 3 flowing practices to cleanse the heart, body, mind, soul

Detox Yoga is made up of 3 flowing routines specifically choreographed to purify your heart, body, mind and soul! There are times in all of our lives where we may have over indulged in food and alcohol or feel we have a build up of stored emotions and tensions in our bodies or we just need to release stress and calm our minds. Practicing these programs is the perfect solution to get you back in balance and feeling great! 

Detox Yoga is divided into 3 x 20 minute routines with a bonus 10 minute Pilates strengthening series. Each section will build heat in the body and consist of unique postures chosen for their ability to cleanse your organs and flood your entire system with fresh oxygen. There is a specific emphasis in all programs on cleansing your thyroid, the part of the body responsible for your appetite, and on strengthening your core so you may improve your posture and allow your organs to function properly. 

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